BlueData: Big Data Infrastructure Made Easy

A lot of businesses plan on Big Data projects, but they often stall almost immediately. That’s because many of them never realized just how much time it would take, how complicated it can be, and how expensive it can get. But now with BlueData, it offers the latest software that simplifies the apparent complexity of Big Data infrastructure and management.

With BlueData software, Big Data as a service is now much more accessible to many more organizations. Enterprises, regardless of their size, can now deploy Spark or Hadoop infrastructure on-premises. It’s much easier, quicker, and certainly more cost-effective.


  • Greater cost efficiency: Big Data applications and infrastructure now receive policy-based automation, self-service provisioning, and upgrades at the push of a button. Expensive cluster crawl can be eliminated and issues regarding data duplication re reduced. Server utilization can be boosted by up to 350%, while costs can be reduced by 75%.
  • Secure multi-tenant environment: An easy to use interface is available for many types of users across the board. Big Data applications can also be run with the same security as traditional applications via integration with LDAP and Active Delivery.
  • Leverage of existing storage: With separate computer and storage infrastructure, there’s no more need for multiple data copies for analysis. Sensitive data can now remain within shared enterprise storage.
  • Automatic resource management: With defined user groups and policies, service levels can be determined based on priorities and needs of tenants and applications. Tasks with lower priorities won’t be able to clog resources so that higher-priority jobs can be completed faster.

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