Loggly offers a cloud-based service that mines tons of log data in real time

Let’s say your business is all about producing quality code and delivering an excellent user experience. That’s common enough for many IT departments. But the problem is that you may encounter operational issues that can really reduce your revenues. Of course, your logs generated by your servers and applications can help, but you have to collect the data from the logs, know what you’re looking for, and understand what the data is saying. Loggly helps with all that.

With Loggly, you’re not just able to collect log data in real time. This cloud-based service also automatically summarizes the logs so that you can quickly understand the gist of the data. That helps you to quickly come up with the solution to any issue that crops up.


  • Syslog and HTTP support: You won’t have to install massive proprietary collection gents on all your machines. Loggly supports standard syslog protocols and HTTP.
  • Any log from any source: If it is text-based, then Loggly can handle the log. It doesn’t matter if the source is a client or a server.
  • Overage subscription: With the Loggly Pro service tier, your logs can be available even if you exceed your volume allowance occasionally.
  • Automated parsing: Loggly detects and parses common web logs like Nginx and Apache automatically. The same is true for JSON-structured data.
  • Derived fields: You can specify parsing rules for any log or selected log parts. Loggly adds derived fields to the original log events as metadata and then automatically catalogs them.
  • Guided search and analysis: Upon request, results are delivered distantly.
  • Alerts and anomaly detection in real time: You can know about problems instantly, so you can lessen the impact on your customers. You may even act quick enough that the problem doesn’t affect the user experience.

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