Codeship: Fast and secure hosted Continuous Delivery platform that scales with your needs

In numerous IT departments today, Codeship is making a name for itself in simplifying Continuous Delivery. Essentially, they’re helping enterprises with their tests and deployments, so that what once was a monthly deployment cycle can turn into almost daily.

With their powerful machines, they can run automated tests and configured deployments. So while your team writes code, Codeship handles the testing and delivery infrastructure. Codeship is easy to start with its simple UI and uncomplicated configuration.


  • Run your automated tests and get notified: A simple push to your repository is all you need to trigger your automated tests on Codeship. If the tests show that something is wrong, you have Codeship as your safety net. It immediately notifies you and your team of the results. This way, you can write and deploy your code knowing that everything checked out beforehand.
  • ParallelCI accelerates your tests. You can save time by running your tests in parallel instead of one after another. You can configure the testing process so that you can use up to 10 parallel pipelines, so essentially you cut down the testing time to 10%. With faster testing time you get faster builds, and that boosts productivity.
  • Configure your deployment pipelines: You can set up your deployment pipelines which run after successful tests, so that they deploy the application to multiple environments. This lets you get your code out as fast as you can.
  • Team management with Codeship Organizations: Here you can add multiple teams and configure different permissions for each team member.

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