Portworx: Enables the rapid deployment of stateful, distributed applications into production

Portworx offers Container-Defined Storage (CDS), and this is the storage solution you need so that your enterprise IT department can finally create an agile infrastructure with quick provisioning and scaling. With it, you can replatform your infrastructure so you can create your apps effectively at a lower cost.

Containers are perhaps the most effective bundles you can use for your apps. With CDS, you can truly maximize the benefits you receive with the use of these containers.


  • Designed for containers: With CDS, you app containers get their own dedicated storage volumes. These volumes are defined through containers, highly available, and built over x86.
  • Storage management: The CDS controls the storage at the container level. Used with schedulers, the CDS infrastructure makes sure you get the experiences you expect across multiple classes of applications.
  • Greater capacity at reduced costs: You’re no longer limited by a server’s disk, as the CDS pools capacity within the cluster so you can conveniently create and expand container storage depending on your needs. It’s also much less expensive, as your containers aren’t attached to costly SANs.
  • No more infrastructure proliferation: CDS offers storage that’s persistent and highly available. That means you can avoid silos for stateful services that have to be provisioned and managed separately.
  • Apps management with your preferred tools: CDS provides a storage solution at the infrastructure level. This lets your IT teams manage the apps with their own preferred high-level tools and container schedulers.
  • Versatile and portable: The containers can run on any server in the cluster, as the storage layer is always accessible. You can also move the storage across clusters.

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