Puppet: Easily automate the provisioning, configuration and ongoing management of your machines

Ideally, you’d like your IT department to concentrate more on building and deploying excellent applications. But often that’s not the case. Part of the IT department’s job is to provision, configure, and continuously manage your enterprise’s machines as well as the software you have running on them. And sometimes you find your IT people too busy putting out fires instead of putting their time on deploying software.

But that’s not the case with Puppet. With Puppet, your system administrators can now automate the configuration and management of your machines and the software running on them. Puppet enable you to make rapid, repeatable changes and automatically enforces consistency of systems and devices across your VMs, on prem or in the cloud. Slick!


  • Language: The Puppet language is declarative and easy to read and understand, even by people outside your IT department. The language enables you to quickly determine just how your systems should be configured for their tasks. It’s concise and repeatable on as many machines as you need, and that’s even for multiple platforms. With code for automation, your engineers no longer have to do a lot of manual work.
  • Database: This provides a platform on which you can build your tooling. The DB collects and stores data from all the nodes in your infrastructure. You can make queries easily, so you can get the answers you need and you can integrate the DB into your workflow and tools.
  • Server: This runs on the Java Virtual Machine, and it compiles configurations for your agent nodes. It’s easy to set up, and even with heavy loads it offers high performance.

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