Graylog: Store, search, and analyze log data from any source

Graylog is essentially a fully integrated open source log management platform. Its main function is to collect, index, and then analyze data (both structured and unstructured) from just about any source. With the insights you get from the data analysis, your enterprise can provide a much better user experience for customers, your reaction time to problems and events is faster, and you experience fewer and less severe outages and other problems.

The power of Graylog is highly regarded in the industry. Its list of customers includes eBay, Swisscom, Indiana University Health, Cisco, Bingham Memorial Hospital, Swinton Insurance, Ellie Mae, Lufthansa Systems, and UC San Diego. These are organizations with mountains of data available at their fingertips, and with Graylog they’re able to collect and analyze the data for practical use.


  • Horizontally scalable: The 3-tier architectural allows for the handling of terabytes of data, with hundreds of thousands of messages per second. The login process is streamlined through LDAP integration, while the granular access controls lets you set who gets to see what data.
  • Any type of data: Graylog can forward data from just about any log source. It also supports input types like plaintext, syslog, and GELF (a Graylog format).
  • Real time: Graylog applies the rules you set to the data in real time, so you can find specific message conditions or to index data by any attribute you want. This makes finding the answers you see easier and faster.
  • Dashboards and alerts: You can put your trends and critical data in a single place, and you can configure your alerts so you’re notified of particular conditions or events.

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