Lob enables you to seamlessly print and mail documents, postcards, checks, and more via an API

Say what you will about printed letters, but they haven’t gone away for good. People still use them for romantic reasons, for example. And even businesses use them too, as they send printouts of postcards, invoices, and brochures. But you can incorporate these methods into your business more efficiently when you use the modern API from Lob. It offers a cloud-printing API that enables you to automate the printing and mailing of documents, pictures, and more. That’s slick!


  • Easy setup: You can get started with the Lob API in just a few minutes. You can use pre-built wrappers in Java, Ruby, Node, Python, and PHP so
  • integration is a virtual snap.
  • Automatically personalize: With Lob, you can do things that you can’t do effective when you’re stuck in doing things manually. Now you can generate dynamic content so you can customize your mailings.
  • Just a few lines of code: That’s all you need to print and send mail automatically. You can use this for direct mail campaigns, on-demand checks,
  • or trigger-based postcards.
  • Optimize controls: You have full control over how you can optimize your campaigns. This may include messaging and A/B test layouts.
  • Monitor and track: You can monitor your mail as it goes to its intended recipient. You can also add any additional campaign tracking you want to assess the performance of the campaign.
  • Scale: There’s no minimum or batching required. So you can send a single letter or a million postcards each month.

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