Twistlock: Enterprise security suite for virtual containers

Containers have become quite popular environments for apps developers, and security for containers is always a concern. That’s where Twistlock comes in. They don’t have a traditional security tool that they’ve tweaked for use with containers, and they’re not a company that previously focused on virtual machines.

Twistlock is an entirely new company with a totally new tool. And the technology they offer is brilliant enough that the SC Awards, which honor the most outstanding contributions in the information security industry, has nominated Twistlock for “Best Emerging Technology.”

Twistlock was designed to scan containers for any problems by checking the software inside against the CVE database. Then it also closely looks over the environment around the container as well. Even Google Cloud Platform offers Twistlock for their hosted containers.


  • Agentless: Security is provided without making any changes to the host, the container daemons, or to your own apps.
  • Full stack: Twistlock can cover and manage various vulnerabilities in your custom apps, Linux distribution, and app frameworks like Ruby, Python, Java, and Node.js. It offers real-time vulnerability data and analysis.
  • Flexible: You can run Twistlock wherever you run your containers. It can run in the cloud, regardless if it’s private or public. You can also run it from dev machines.
  • Dev to production: You get security for your container for every stage of the container lifecycle. Policy enforcement is consistent, across your images, registries, production servers, and runtime environments.

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