SaltStack: Scalable and flexible configuration management software for event-driven automation of CloudOps

In 2015, SaltStack was cited by CRN as one of the emerging data center vendors that IT people need to know about. Based on the Salt open-source project, it offers a complete systems management platform. SaltStack automates applications, cloud, and data center infrastructure. For developers and system administrators, it’s very useful for automating private cloud building, configuration management, public cloud orchestration, and autonomic infrastructure.

The list of awards received by SaltStack is quite impressive. It includes:

  • The 2015 Utah Innovation Award in the category of “Enterprise Software, Cloud and Big Data”
  • The TechTarget SearchDataCenter 2015 Modern Infrastructure Impact Award in the category of “Best DevOps and Cloud Management Tool”
  • The Best of VMworld 2014 award for virtualization management
  • The InfoWorld 2014 Technology of the Year Award


  • Speed: SaltStack is very fast, and it offers real time automation, continuous code deployment, and a lightning-quick server provisioning and configuration. It only takes milliseconds for parallel remote execution, and infrastructure monitoring and predictive control is instantaneous.
  • Scale: Salt SSH is available for lightweight implementations, and when extreme scale and speed is needed there’s the SaltStack master-minion architecture.
  • Flexibility: The architecture can be agent or agentless, and the configuration management can be declarative or imperative. It’s language-agnostic, and support is available for any code, container, application, virtualization, OS, infrastructure, or cloud.
  • Efficiency: SaltStack is a single self-contained platform with low administrative and operational costs. There are no proprietary administration requirements, coding or languages and implementation and maintenance are easy and fast.

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