Stripe: Suite of APIs that enable you to accept payments over the Internet

If you want to make money online, often you need to make sure that you can accept payments from the web and from mobiles. But that doesn’t have to be a complex undertaking. You just need Stripe. With its set of unified tools and APIs, your business can immediately accept and manage payments made online. This also comes with a smartphone app. With it, even when you’re on the road you can still track and manage online payments.


  • Robust and clean APIs: With these, you can shift your focus to building great products instead. You get Stripe libraries in everything, including Java, Node, Ruby, curl, PHP, Python, and Go. The APIs are composable and orthogonal.
  • Powerful toolkit: It will work for any type of business you may be in.
  • Scaled: You’ve got support for your company, regardless of how big you become.
  • Seamless security: It’s safe, trusted, proven, and definitely hassle-free.
  • Stripe Checkout: You get an attractive customizable payment flow, which will work well for both mobile and desktop devices. There’s no need for extra code, and you won’t have to design payment forms from scratch.
  • Stripe.js: This transmits the card details from the browser to Stripe securely. With it you can control the experience, and Stripe can handle processing and compliance.
  • Integrated mobile payments: The native iOS & Android libraries of Stripe are used on thousands of other mobile applications.
  • More payment methods: With just a few lines of code, you can add Android Pay, Apple Pay, and Amex Express Checkout to your checkout flow.

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