UpGuard: Accelerate DevOps initiatives by validating your complete toolchain and pipeline

With the UpGuard platform, you can now monitor the configuration of every server, every network device, and every cloud app you’re running. It offers complete visibility, which prevents misconfigurations even before they cause problems, so your software development team can concentrate more on coding.

UpGuard is the leading configuration integrity platform, and it is used to automatically monitor, test, and validate IT environments. It can help launch DevOps initiatives and improve regulatory and security compliance. With this platform, you can succeed in your business goals more efficiently.


  • Complete configuration visibility: It will note and highlight missing files, added ports, and modified tasks, for example. This way, you can check the changes to see if you intended them or not.
  • Configuration search engine: You can find the location of a file, package or certain setting at any time. The search engine can look through tens of thousands of nodes in just a few seconds.
  • Visual differencing: You’ll see right away of machine is working fine or if it is acting up. UpGuard then compares every configuration item so you get a list of the most likely culprits.
  • Web scale anomaly detection: Maybe hundreds or even thousands of your machines in an environment are behaving unusually? You can find out why by getting a heat map of all the configuration anomalies in one single pane view.

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