Maven: Excellent open source build automation tool for Java projects

Maven started out as an effort to streamline the build processes in the Jakarta Turbine Project. What emerged in the end was an excellent tool to help build and manage any project based on Java.

With Maven, the build process can be easier. It provides a uniform build system along with quality project information. It also offers guidelines for best practices development, and it enables transparent migration to new features.


  • Simple setup: You can get a new module or project started in just a few seconds.
  • There’s a huge repository of libraries and metadata, and the number is still growing.
  • Multiple projects: Maven can easily handle numerous projects simultaneously. And with consistent usage across the projects, there’s no ram up time when new developers come in.
  • Extensible: It’s easy enough to write plugins in Java or in other scripting languages.
  • Model-based builds: You can build projects into predefined output types without having to do scripting in most cases.
  • Coherent site of project information: With same metadata as for the build process, you can generate a web site or PDF with any documentation you want to add. This will then be added to the standard reports regarding the progress of the project.
  • Release management and distribution publication: Even without a lot of additional configuration, Maven will integrate source control system to manage the project release based on a specific tag. Maven can also publish this to a distribution location which other projects can then use.

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