Access Previously Copied Text More Easily with Clipboardr

There’s really no need to retype words from another document when you can just copy and paste phrases and sentences on your own document. The problem lies when you’re accumulating data from various documents and websites and you want to copy and paste a lot of different phrases and figures. Instead of having to find the phrase in your new document or in the original article, you can just simply copy from your clipboard history. And for that you need the Clipboardr clipboard management app.


  • Clipboardr needs at least Android 4.1 and 1.5 MB of memory space.
  • This app lets you keep track of everything you’ve copied and pasted over the last 3 days.
  • You can access your clipboard history right from the notification tray, so that you don’t need to switch to the Clipboardr app. You can recopy previously copied text and share copied texts from the notification tray.
  • You can search for particular phrases in your clipboard, or filter the clipboard history to find common types of texts, such as phone numbers, names, or URLs.
  • You can delete batches of phrases from your clipboard, or even just click a single button to clear the clipboard history entirely.

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