Get a glance of your favorite apps and websites all in one place with Relevant

The smartphone can be exceedingly useful, but it can be tedious jumping from one screen to another to find the apps you want to use and the websites you want to visit. All those swipes and taps can add up to a lot of unnecessary effort and wasted effort. But with Relevant, you get a home screen that immediately features all the apps and website you frequently use for your convenience.

Relevant aggregates all the services you use on daily basis and display it into a beautiful, bite size, easy to read Card. From checking out the weather, latest news, game scores, to discovering new products, the buzz on social media and even finding places nearby, you can get them all in one place.

It’s a beautifully design app, worth giving a try.

Relevant-Get a glance of your favorite apps and websites all in one place 2


  • This is a FREEĀ app for Apple devices (HERE), and it needs the iOS 8.0 at least. You need to set aside 44 MB of memory space.
  • With the Relevant app, you get a gorgeous screen and you can simply add which apps and websites you want it to include and show.
  • You get a beautiful Relevant Card for each service, and each one can be customized. Cards are available for professional sports, weather, latest news, Kickstarter, and many more.
  • You can customize the order of the cards according to your priorities for the day.
  • Hold down the card, and you get additional functions. Drag it down and you can see your apps library.
  • You can share your cards through email or through social networks.

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