Mesosphere lets you organize machines in your datacenter or cloud as if they were one big computer

With Mesosphere, you get a Datacenter Operating System (DCOS) that spans every machine involved in your cloud or data center. Essentially, it organizes all your machines in such a way that it seems like they’re all a single machine. You can now deploy your apps, services and big data services on shared resources, in a way that’s highly scalable and elastic.  Basically, Mesosphere empower your developers with simplified app deployment. Developers release better quality apps faster, and have flexibility to run what they want.

This means you can automate without any trouble, scale however massively you want, and deploy your apps much more quickly. Now you don’t have to pay so much attention to your servers, and you can concentrate on your business.  This is a powerful software worth trying it out.


  • Instant deployment and scale: With just a single command, you can deploy complex systems like Hadoop, or launch thousands of containers in just a few seconds.
  • Everything is automated and pooled: You can run everything, from microservices to big data on just a single cluster. This can really boost your utilization.
  • Build once, run anywhere: Once you’ve built your applications, you don’t need to make any code changes to run your apps on bare metal, on virtual machines, or in any cloud.
  • User Interface and CLI: You can control your whole DCOS-powered datacenter from just one command line and one single web user interface.

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