CodeClimate Monitors the health of your code, from your command line to the cloud

With the CodeClimate automated code review, you can take a much shorter time to ship your perfectly running code. That’s because you get a lot of help in terms of test coverage, complexity, duplication, security, and style. What’s more, you can merge with no hesitation.

CodeClimate oversees everything, and it monitors the state of your code from the command line to the cloud. You can ship your improved code faster because you can deal with issues sooner. It’s used by more than 50,000 software developers and it’s free for open source software.


  • Simple: It works very simply. First you’ve got code committed, and then every line in the code is checked. You then get the results so you can identify the issues.
  • Immediate results: You get your results right in your pull requests. The Code Climate analysis is there to keep you well-informed, whether you’re using GitHub, BitBucket, or your own hosted solution.
  • Workflow integration: Code Climate integrates with the favorite tools you use. So if there’s an issue with the code you can get notified in HipChat, Slack, or wherever you work.
  • Single interface: You only need one interface for all your data.
  • Code quality: Code Climate grades your code, and summarizes the changes you’ve made.
  • Tracking progress: Changes in the quality of the code are tracked over time, so you can see the impact your team has on the codebase.

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