Snowball app prioritizes your mobile notifications

With smartphones and apps, you can get all the notifications you need and want. The problem is that not all notifications are equally as important. If you don’t set your notifications properly, you may end up doing no work as you’re bombarded with notifications from games and discount sites. But if you’re too restrictive, you may miss important notifications and messages. With Snowball, you can get the balance just right.

Snowball is a beautiful notification app for Android. It takes all the important (must-read) from all the apps on your phone and puts it in one place. This allow you get things done without having to open tons of apps. Slick!


  • Snowball is a notification app for Android 4.4 and up – download. It needs just 13 MB of space. It also works with Android Wear.
  • It gathers all the notifications sent by your apps and gathers them in just a single convenient place. You can also use it to send a fast reply through any sort of communication app. There’s no more need to open a bunch of apps to read the notifications.
  • You can get notifications only for the most important messages, so you can work undisturbed on serious matters. Your smartphone may only sound or vibrate when the notifications are “important.”
  • It looks great, and it’s also a pleasure to use. You can even use Snowball to search for apps and contacts.

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