Pigment is an iOS coloring book for adults

There’s a new craze in relaxation remedies and techniques recently, and you may be surprised to discover that it’s actually about coloring books for adults. The principle behind this unconventional method is that coloring in a design can keep you focused, reduce your tension, and provide some relaxation for your mind. Inevitably, you also get app versions of these coloring books, and Pigment is one of the best.  It is by far the best coloring iOS app on the market today.


  • This is a free Apple app that needs iOS 8.0 and 47.6 MB of space. Download it HERE.
  • Unlike other apps that just lets you tap a certain space and then the whole area is colored with the color you chose, Pigment offers a more authentic experience. It simulates how the colors appear with each stroke of the brush or pencil.
  • You have your choice of coloring tools you can use to put in the color in the design. Among the 8 choices you have paint brush, air brush, marker, or colored pencils.
  • You can put in the color using your finger, or you can use Apple Pencil or even a 3rd party stylus.
  • You have more than 200 illustrations to choose from. With a paid subscription, you also get new designs each month.
  • You can use whatever color you want, and change or edit colors with the shade control.
  • You can then use social networks to share your finished work online.

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