Eve by Glow is a savvy health and sex app for women

It’s not easy being a woman these days, especially when you want to really manage and monitor your sexual health. There’s so much to track, including your menstrual cycles and symptoms, birth control and contraception if you don’t want to get pregnant just yet, and ovulation and fertility if you do. Fortunate, you have an all-in-one tracker with Eve by Glow (which used to be called Ruby by Glow).

Eve is a comprehensive health app for sexually-active young women who want to manage their health.


  • This is a FREE 21.2 MB Apple Watch app, needs iOS 8.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.  Download it HERE.
  • It lets you log on at any time to note and keep track of your sexual activities, moods, and symptoms.
  • Clear charts display the data for more clarity, so you can more easily identify your sexual patterns and trends.
  • It also tracks your menstrual period more conveniently. You’ll be able to view your menstrual cycle better as you can review your cycle history and ovulation dates to find patterns.
  • It also offers tracker predictions of future menstrual cycles. You’ll know when your period should arrive, and when your fertile window will occur so you can maximize your chances of getting pregnant.
  • It offers interaction with a community of users, and it is also compatible with the Health App so you can track your whole health.

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