Search, monitor, analyze and visualize machine data with Splunk

A single program alone can generate lots of data, so when you consider the amount of machined data you can generate with multiple applications and servers you may find the amount staggering. This amount of machine data can be rather overwhelming, but within those haystacks are valuable needles that can truly help you in your enterprise.

With the insights you gather, you can fix application issues and reduce downtime, and explore big data. You can boost your business analytics and leverage the cloud with confidence. Log management becomes easier and your data can improve security as well. That’s the power of Splunk, a platform for making machine data accessible across an organization. Splunk is an excellent tool for managing apps, security and compliance, as well as web analytics.


  • Splunk Enterprise: This is the product you use to search, monitor, and analyze all the machine data to gain new insights. With it, you have a clearer idea of what’s going on and what you’ll need to do.
  • Splunk Cloud: This offers all the features you get from enterprise, along with all the benefits of Software as a Service.
  • Spunk Light: This is the log search and analysis tool ideal for more modest IT environments. It can be as a piece of software or as a cloud service.
  • Hunk: Here you can discover the business worth of big data. You can now quickly explore, visualize, and analyze data in Hadoop.
  • Splunk Enterprise Security: With its monitoring, alerts, and analytic features, you’ll be able to detect and respond to incoming security threats. It also involves security information and event management (SIEM).
  • Splunk IT Service Intelligence: You can keep watch over crucial IT services by monitoring the key health and performance indicators.
  • Splunk User Behavior Analytics: With more advanced methods, you can detect and thwart insider threats and cyber-attacks.

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