Runscope monitors API traffic and alerts you when it detects transaction failures

If you’re in the business of developing and building software applications, you’ll need to make sure your Application Program Interface (API) is running well. That means you need to monitor your APIs constantly.

That’s the point of Runscope. It was founded upon the principle that a web service API in a web application or a mobile should be just as dependable as code running locally. And with Runscope, you can build better APIs together. Runscope logs live API traffic and notifies you when it detects key API transaction failures and exceptions in near real time. Trigger alerts based on flexible criteria and drop into any application without having to write any code.


  • Uptime monitoring: With Runscope, your team is kept in the loop so that you don’t hear about breakages and downtime from your customers. With its big picture analytics, you can track performance based on testing location, measure and forecast API usage for your apps, and find the root cause of API.
  • Data validation: This means you can confirm that your APIs are returning the right data. You can check that the content and structure of your APIs calls meet your expectations, and you have total control in defining what a successful API call is. You can also create simple tests for even the most complicated use cases without any code.
  • Live traffic alerts: Runscope notifies you when it detects crucial API transaction exceptions and failures. You can have the alerts triggered based on flexible criteria. You can also stay notified without having your inbox inundated.
  • Collaboration: Your whole team can work and solve API problems together. In fact, even people outside the team can help out with the use if sharable test results.

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