CircleCI provides software teams the confidence to build, test, and deploy across numerous platforms

With CicleCI, you’ll be able to rapidly release code with confidence on its continuous integration and delivery platform. CircleCI is the leading solution in continuous integration and delivery, which is transforming how development teams work and operate. Essentially, with CircleCI you tear down the barriers that separate your ideas from you software code. With CircleCI, you get tight feedback loops, rapid iteration, and improved team communication.

CircleCI supports all your tools, including browsers, queues, databases, and languages. Just as long as it runs on Linux, then it’s guaranteed to work on CircleCI. And they’ll even help with the installation of your tools.


  • Source: Once you push a commit to GitHub, your CircleCI starts immediately. You don’t have to worry about polling or any plugins. The granular checkout key options enable pulling from multiple sources, and checkouts are extremely quick with the source caches.
  • Resolve dependencies: By using language-specific tools, CircleCI makes sure that you install dependencies into an isolated environment. Afterwards, the dependency cache saves all the dependencies, so they can be reinstalled quickly for the next build.
  • Build: You don’t always need a compilation step for the language you use. But if your language needs it, CircleCI has the compilers you need.
  • Test: CircleCI offers automatic test parallelization for faster testing, as well as detailed test failure reporting. CircleCI offers excellent support for numerous test runners.
  • Debug: You get secure SSH access for quick and easy debugging.
  • Deploy: It’s simple and automated, and you can deploy to any host with an API.
  • Notifications: Build failure notifications tell you exactly which tests fail.

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