Make beautiful photo collages with SplitPic

You know what’s better than a bunch of pics? A collage of photos instead! With the SplitPic, you can take photos and then arrange them in single photo collage. It’s convenient for sharing, and it looks artistic too.

With Split Pic, it’s easy. Just pick a layout option (or get the iOS app to pick one randomly for you) and then choose the order of your images. Then decide if you want to blend the picture as if all the pictures are really one, so you can get a picture of you and a celebrity without having really met that star. Download


  • Of course, you can adjust your images. Photos automatically shrink to fit the layout, but you can zoom in or out.
  • You can also adjust the order of the images or the placement of the split bars, and edit your photos by cropping, rotating, or making color adjustments.
  • You can even put in quotes and filters too.
  • With the integrated social media, you can share your images easily through SMS or through online social networks.
  • In fact, you can even collaborate with friends, and they can put in a photo for your collage through Facebook!

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