Get speedy on-demand delivery from every restaurant and store in your city from Postmates

If you’re like most people, every now and then you want a restaurant to deliver your order to your home. Or you can order from a store and they’ll deliver it to you. But you don’t have to be like most people who have to Google and search for the appropriate merchants. You can use Postmates instead, as that’s just one of the services it offers.

With this iOS app (download), you don’t need all that time and effort to order takeout, or to order anything else. You get your items delivered no matter what and in quick fashion too. Now you can stay at home, and you get your delivery fast. One of my favorite ‘must-have’ app on my mobile.


  • You can use it to get the contact numbers of local restaurants in hundreds of cities in the US. One app, and you get contact info for thousands of restaurants.
  • You can also browse menus from all these restaurants.
  • What’s really great is that you’ll get your order in less than an hour even if your shop or deli doesn’t deliver, because Postmates has an entire fleet of more than 15,000 drivers and riders available 24/7.
  • And you can even monitor your delivery guy on a map in real time.

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