Overcast is a powerful yet simple podcast player for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch

Podcasts are wonderfully informative, and you can use your iPhone to listen to new shows regardless of where you are. With Overcast, you get a feature-packed podcast player with a very intuitive interface.


  • Overcast is a free website for devices using iOS 9.0 (download). You just need 4.6 MB of space. With in-app purchases, you can unlock every feature and get more options.
  • You can use Overcast to download podcasts, so you can listen to them even when you’re offline.
  • Overcast lets you search for and discover new podcasts, and you can even get recommendations from Twitter.
  • You can also make a customized podcast playlist in whatever sequence you want. You can prioritize certain podcasts and also use smart filters to create your playlists.
  • You can try new shows without having to make any firm commitments. You can and particular podcasts or subscribe to a podcast.
  • Podcasts can be downloaded over cellular networks, and you can also set a sleep timer.
  • The speech volume can be normalized or enhanced with Voice Boost.
  • With Smart Speed, you can also adjust the playback speed and speed up the broadcast without affecting the clarity of the words.

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