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Weekly analysis, perspective and context from industry insiders. Appbuzz uncovers great apps for getting things done.

At AppBuzz, we’re about one thing: finding great apps and technology worth using. This might be an enlightened tech startup on the verge of greatness, some gnarly app that will speed up your app development, or a simple system monitoring tool for your Dev Ops initiative. Maybe it’s a new technology to manage your money, or a killer photo disappearing mobile app. Who knows?

All we know is that every day some new app is falling out of the Blue Sky. And every day, AppBuzz will be there to make the catch so you stay in the know. We’re not going to waste our time or yours with apps that suck (you already have your job for that). We don’t write reviews or fill your inbox with fluff. We just make solid recommendations based on what you want, and wade painstakingly through all the crap so you don’t have to.  Write a guest post for us:  appbuzz[at]gmail.com




Editorial Team

Hi, I’m John Diep, founder and editor of AppBuzz.com since its inception in 2010. In early 2016, after taking some time to re-envision its purpose, I re-launched AppBuzz as a ‘research‘ platform for me to gather and share all the great apps with my peers in DevOps (Development Operations – developers, designers, testers, configurators, and product/project managers).

AppBuzz allows me to collect, study and share my findings as to what is new, what works, and what does not. I have been involved in the building of software for the past 15+ years, mostly in software quality assurance where I have been hands on testing various applications… but I have done some of my own development too. I am a consumer of software (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, SnapChat, Instagram, Salesforce, JIRA, Trello, Slack, Jenkins, ASANA, Github, OnePassword, Photoshop, etc.), run my own websites and mentor other startups, using various tools in the market to accelerate the development in order to get services to the market faster. As a builder and consumer, I have a good idea of the various factors that make an app useful (or great).

I read TechCrunch, Engadget, Lifehacker, Gizmodo, Mashable, InfoWorld, InformationWeek, TheVerge, Dark Reading, SecurityWeek, Techmeme, MacRumors, 9to5mac, StackOverflow, and dozen others …

Lastly, while I may not have individually installed and/or tested every application mentioned, my evaluation includes researching their website, reviewing forums, community feedback, and identifying how well funded or adapted they are around, etc.

As always, I suggest you make your own research, test, review, and study before committing to any services.

Please note, while I hold the position of Director of Enterprise System Quality at ICANN, the content on this website is my own personal and independent view and opinion. It does not represent the work I am doing at ICANN, nor anything on behalf of ICANN.

Contributing Researchers, Writers, and Editors (industry friends)

  • Dr. David Choi (Professor, LUM)
  • Liem Vu (Sr. Managing VP at Pariveda)
  • Kevin Au (product manager)
  • Todd Bartlett (growth hacker / online marketing strategist)
  • Rich Hale (product quality / automation engineer)
  • Shuki Lehavi (mobile / technology maker)
  • Sony Le (front-end & back-end developer)
  • Justin Wu (growth hacker / online marketing strategist)
  • Will Tachiiri (project manager)
  • Andrew Saunders (VP Content Innovation, NBCUniversal)
  • Kevin Diamond (CTO, NordstromRack/HauteLook / TheBlackTux.com)
  • Brian MacMahon (Founder, ExpertDojo.com) – amazing friend …
  • David Zheng (Growth/Marketing, QuickSprout.com)
  • Jerome, Chang (Founder, BLANKSPACES.com)
  • Many others (to be remained nameless)…